Assessment Centres

Attract, engage and select or promote the right talent with a carefully designed and expertly administered Assessment Centre

Attracting and engaging talent has never been more challenging, and the consequences of selecting or promoting the wrong candidate can be far reaching.

Northpoint enhances talent acquisition and development programs by providing an objective evaluation of candidates through Assessments Centres that are:

  • Designed around your business. There's nothing off the shelf!
  • Backed by robust, scientifically validated methods and tools
  • Administered by certified professional assessors

Our Approach

A well designed and executied assessment centre doesnt happen by accident. Here is the approach we employ to ensure the right outcomes.


The overriding objectives of the assessment centre are defined. Focus groups and psychometric assessments are then employed to define a job profile.


The assessment exercises and tools are selected and mapped to the Job Profile. The flow and administration of the assessment centre are then defined.


The assessor panel is selected and briefed on the objectives of the assessment centre, the exercises and tools being used and how objectively assess candidates


The assessment centre is successfully deployed. The results are compiled and presented to the sponsor. Recommended follow up actions are then discussed.
What is an Assessment Centre?
An Assessment Centre is not a room or a building... It is a systematic and rigorous approach to assessing job related behaviours for the purpose of selection or promotion. It provides insights as to whether an individual is right or ready for a specific role or opportunity by immersing them in a series 'real world' exercises before a panel of trained assessors.
How are behaviours assessed?
Asessment Centres provide a standardised assessment for job-related competencies, and as such, incorporate a series of exercises ranging from:

  • Role Plays: Situational simulations where the candidates are required to interact with a role player in order to achieve a specific objective.
  • In-tray Exercises: Candidates are presented with a variety of items in the form of e-mails, memos, messages, reports etc. about issues that need to be addressed.
  • Assigned Role Group Discussions: Candidates are assigned a specific role to play as they interact with other candidates on a task.
  • Non-Assigned Role Grop Dicusssions: Candidates are not assigned a specific role and have to work with other candidates unanimously as a team on a task.
  • Case Studies: Candidates have to analyse a business case and present their findings.
  • Presentations: Candidates have to design and deliver a presentation.
How is an Assessment Centre different from a Development Centre?
Although Assessment and Development Centres share similar characteristics, they are infact very different. Assessment Centres are focused on evaluating talent for selection or promotion. They are shorted in nature and typically result is a pass or fail. Development Centres are focused on developing existing talent. They typically span 2-3 days, incorporate lots of feedback and result in detailed personal development plans.
When should I use an Assessment Centre?
Assessment Centres should be used when you need to make accurate and objective selection or promotion decisions. This could include graduate recruitment, identifying High-Potentials, succession planning, selection or promotion.

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