Leader as a Coach

The Leader as a Coach; 5 Attributes of a Coaching Mindset

I don't have time to coach people... It's easier if I tell them what to do... It's quicker if I do it myself... You can't coach people who don't know what they don't know... If I don't provide the answers they will think I don't know... It's my job to solve problems...

Do I need a coach? Here are 8 common signs that you may!

Do I need a coach? It’s a question that you may have asked yourself from time to time. Elite athletes have them. Successful business leaders have them. Famous personalities have them. So too can you!

5 Pillars of Team Performance

5 Pillars of Team Performance: A Framework for Developing High-performance Teams

Why is it that some teams consistently produce superior results while others struggle to make the cut?

How do we keep our top performers from leaving for better-paid​ opportunities?

How do we keep our top performers from leaving for better-paid​ opportunities?

How do we keep our top performers from leaving? We can't compete with the salaries being offered by some of the MNCs and startups!!! This is a problem that a couple of young leaders recently shared with me, and it's one that I've heard quite a few times before.

Getting Promoted Again and Again

7 Tips to Getting Promoted Again and Again

What do I have to do to get promoted is one of the most common coaching conversations we have with young leaders, as many of them struggle with taking charge of their career.

Setting New Managers up for Success

Setting New Managers up for Success

The transition from an individual contributor to a manager is one of the biggest challenges most leaders will face in their career... It's a challenge that will result in a 30 - 50 per cent drop in performance by 50 - 70 per cent of new managers. Why does this happen and what can organisations do about it?


Bias could be limiting your progression. What you can do about it?

Whether you like it or not, we have all been guilty of bias at some point in time. We have all behaved a certain way, made decisions or passed judgement that was influenced heavily by bias.

The 4 the most important leadership questions

The 4 the most important leadership questions

They are the 4 most important questions every leader must ask, and they are also the process behind every coaching conversation... What are they, and what does coaching have to do with leadership?

Leadership Development Framework

Why Every Organisation Needs a Leadership Development Framework

The war on talent still rages. Adapt and evolve is the name of the game in these volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times, and it’s the depth of an organisation’s leadership pipeline that will determine whether they survive or thrive.

Assessment & Development Centres

Best Practice: Assessment & Development Centres

Assessment and development centres have received mixed reactions over the years, and for good reason, as they are often poorly designed and deployed. Here are some best practices to observe.

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