The Gift of Feedback

The Gift of Feedback Masterclass

Having to give or receive feedback is a common cause of anxiety and stress in many organisations, with people often choosing to avoid issues rather than confront them... Why is this, and how can we avoid it?

The good news is that the manner in which you give feedback will often determine the manner in which the other party receives feedback.

Why is feedback a gift? Why is feedback by itself pointless? How does feed forward lead to behavioral and performance change? How should you receive feedback? How should you give feed forward?

These are the key questions that learners will uncover in The Gift of Feedback Masterclass. 


Course Overview 

Pre-Workshop Learning: A series of pre-recorded lessons and demonstrations to familiarise learners with the concepts covered in the course.

Classroom-Based Workshop: Two high pragmatic and experiential lessons provide learners with the opportunity to put the theory into practice.

- Morning Session 10:00 - 12:30pm

- Afternoon Session 2:30 - 5:00pm

Post-Workshop Application: Learners continue to practice and apply what has been learned.
The Gift of Feedback Masterclass aims to equip learners with the knowledge and insight needed to shift the way they view and approach giving and receiving feedback.

- Demonstrate an understanding of feedback and feed forward.

- Demonstrate an understanding of the Ladder of Accountability.

- Demonstrate how to receive feedback using the LARRI model

- Demonstrate how to give feed forward using the SBI and GROW models.

- Demonstrate how to give and receive feedback in the feedback tunnel.
Total: SGD 5,400

The above investment includes the Pre-Workshop Learning, Classroom-Based Workshop & Post-Workshop Application

The above investment is based on 18 participants and does not take into account any venue or F&B costs.