Conversations Matter

Conversations are the bedrock of successful teams and organisations

If you look closely at the success and failure of teams and organisations alike, you will notice that their success or failure is usually linked to the conversations they do and don't engage in.

In this episode of The Intentional Leader, I'll share what conversations are needed to improve the overall health and well-being of your team or organisation.


The Team Trusts: Team members believe everyone has good intentions and will act in the team's best interests.

  • What do we need from one another to feel safe, respected and valued?
  • How should we care for each other?
  • How should we engage in respectful but candid dialogue?
  • How should we address conflict?


The Team is Aligned: Team members share a common understanding of the team's purpose and act in a unified manner. 

  • Why do we exist, and what promises are we making?
  • What values do we believe in, and how do we role model these values?
  • How should we show up for one another and as a team?
  • How does everyone contribute to the success of the team?


The Team is Focussed: Team members direct their efforts and attention toward producing tangible and impactful results.

  • What does success for us look like as a team?
  • What does real success for us look like as a team?
  • How should we prioritise our time as a team?
  • How do we continue to improve as a team?


The Team is Accountable: Team members are reliable and answerable for the outcomes of their actions and decisions.

  • Where are we performing, and where are we not performing as a team?
  • What high standards should we hold ourselves accountable to?
  • How should we hold one another accountable as a team?


The Team is Committed: Team members are dedicated and determined to support the team in fulfilling its purpose. 

  • What do we need to do more or less to fulfil our purpose as a team?
  • How should we support one another to ensure we succeed as a team?
  • How should we celebrate as a team?


In Conclusion

Conversations are the foundation of relationships within teams and organisations. Engaging in open, meaningful, respectful, and robust conversations will improve a team's or organisation's overall health and well-being.

If you would like to gauge the health of conversations in your team, Contact Us to take a free team effectiveness survey.

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